Colin Gillingham
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Funnels & Flywheels

Nearly 15 years leading B2B & B2C teams for hypergrowth tech companies like Tesla, Mapbox, Wirewax and Delphi.

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Your All-In-One Growth Partner

An exceptionally versatile professional, propelling organizations forward with a rare fusion of technical skill and marketing savvy.

Marketing Automation

Expert in automating and optimizing marketing processes for lead nurturing, activation, and retention, ensuring seamless customer journeys.

Lead Gen Guru

Proficient in deploying innovative strategies such as SEO and webinars to generate high-quality leads and expand the sales pipeline.

Conversion Rate Optimizer

Highly skilled in A/B testing and analytics to maximize conversion rates, optimizing every touchpoint of the customer journey for optimal outcomes.

AI-Native Marketer

Leveraging advanced AI tools to automate tasks, glean deeper insights, and supercharge marketing efficiency and effectiveness.


Driven by customer obsession, conducting regular interviews, and tracking Net Promoter Score (NPS) to ensure the development of products that truly meet customer needs.

Full-Stack Developer

Proficient in languages such as JavaScript and Python, capable of navigating both front-end and back-end development to deliver seamless, integrated solutions.

Unicorn Wrangler

I get fired up about products that solve real problems for consumers and businesses.

Reach out if I can help scale your team's sales, systems, or product.